Home Remodelling and Additions

Home remodelling, can either be a smooth transition or a rough path to a new space in an already comfortable home. But what if you decide on remodelling? What are the steps necessary to do so? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your remodelling. Like with any project, you will need a working area, this goes for remodelling as well. Creating a construction free area and sealing it off. This can provide a sense of comfort from all the chaotic dust and dirt during the remodelling process, we don’t generally enter those areas. So if there are particular items you wish to protect from accidents that might occur in construction areas, maybe your child’s favourite stuffed animal or even your great auntie nona’s fine china, this is the place to put it. This would save you a lot of headache and work when we’re done and out of your hair, though we usually do a clean up of the place ourselves but since that is your sanctuary and we intend on respecting your personal space as if it were our own.

Next thing to prepare for is the ease of access for the crew during the renovations, We can’t stress this enough. The amount of times scheduling has been delayed is because we don’t have access to the location early on in the day and everything else gets delayed or if there are deliveries that need to be brought in but can’t do so because we’re locked outside. We’re forced to call the homeowner to let us in or have them drive all the way from out of town to do so, I bet you’re wondering why don’t you just give us the key to hold onto, and let me tell you. When we’re working with big items and machinery, that little key can and will get lost at one point or another. The best way to resolve this is to set up a key lock box and place a spare key in there for us to use.

Worried about dust and dirt?
We would highly recommend using a vacuum sealing for anything that might catch the dust even if they are in the next room or in the no construction zone, those little dust particles tend to find ways around and nestle onto your favorite clothes even if it sealed off, it’s like it has a life of its own. And it’s sometimes so hard to get the dust off, however if you don’t mind doing extra work and cleaning already clean clothings or linens, then feel free to ignore this tip, but if you don’t. simply protect your clothes with a vacuum seal, and later on you can save a lot of storage space using the vacuum seal, it has more than one type of use!

And finally if you’re planning on staying during the renovations/ remodelling please take into consideration and the planning of your own comfort, if we’re remodelling the kitchen, plan for that either through prepacked meals or simply order take out, last thing we want is for you to starve yourself because you cant cook a meal.

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